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Fatty15 90-Day Starter Kit Fatty15 90-Day Starter Kit

Fatty15 90-Day Starter Kit

C15:0 for a Healthier Body and Mind
  • Product Details

    C15:0 is an essential fatty acid that your body needs to stay healthy, especially as you age. Fatty15 is a science-backed, patented, award-winning, pure and vegan-friendly C15:0 supplement to support your long-term health and wellness.

    Fatty15 promotes healthy metabolism, balanced immunity, gut health and heart health. 2 out of 3 customers report near-term benefits, including calmer mood, deeper sleep or less snacking, within 6 weeks.

    C15:0, a healthy odd-chain saturated fatty acid, is the first essential fatty acid to be discovered since omega-3. Essential fatty acids are nutrients our bodies need, but don’t make. That means we have to get adequate amounts from our diet or supplements.

    We age because our cells do. Fatty15 repairs cells where they break down with age. Peer-reviewed studies have shown that the C15:0 ingredient in fatty15:

    • Restores cellular strength by 80%
    • Reduces damaging reactive oxygen species (ROS) by 45%
    • Revitalizes cellular energy by 350%
    • Repairs cellular signaling that balances metabolism, immunity, mood, appetite and sleep

    Includes an empty reusable bottle and 3 refill pouches (30 capsules each).

    Size - 90 capsules
  • Usage

    Take one capsule per day.

  • Ingredients

  • Benefits

    Promotes stronger and more energized cells, so you feel healthier and age smarter.

    • Healthier Cells.  More energy and healthier skin.
    • Healthier Body.  Better metabolic, heart, liver and immune health.
    • Healthier Mind.  Calmer mood, deeper sleep and less snacking.

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Fatty15 90-Day Starter Kit

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