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Cell Cycle Catalyst Cell Cycle Catalyst

Cell Cycle Catalyst

A lightweight, layerable serum to help accelerate the skin's surface renewal cycles and boost anti-aging results
  • Product Details

    Cell Cycle Catalyst is a potent skin renewal accelerating serum formulated to boost anti-aging results. It gently peels and activates cell turnover at the skin’s surface to smooth texture and improve the appearance of discoloration and visible lines. Cell Cycle Catalyst can be used daily as the first step to boost your skincare routine or can be used to prep skin ahead of professional treatments, such as chemical peels and other non-ablative in-office procedures. Cell Cycle Catalyst has been tested across all skin types and tones.

    Skin Type

    Normal Skin, Combination Skin, Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Sensitive Skin
    Size - 30 ml
  • Usage

    Use once a day, morning or evening after cleansing. Apply 1/3 dropper with hands to a dry face. Use before serums* and moisturizers. In the morning, apply a SkinCeuticals sunscreen.

    Cell Cycle Catalyst can be applied daily as the first-step of your routine to boost anti-aging results. It is recommended that a patient begin using Cell Cycle Catalyst 15 days prior to a professional treatment to prep the skin.

    • Cell Cycle Catalyst has been clinically evaluated to:
    • Help prepare the skin ahead of chemical peels for optimal outcomes
    • Prolong chemical peel post-procedure results
    • Improve post-procedure chemical peel results

  • Ingredients

    2% Phytic Acid, 1% Mandelic Acid, .2% Salicylic Acid, 2% Lactic Acid, 2.5% Glycolic Acid
    A multi-layer action to gently peel and accelerate skin renewal cycles for smoother texture, reduced visible discoloration and fine lines. This complex maintains a pH of 3.7 for optimal daily tolerance and a free acid value of 2.6%.

    1.0% TAURINE
    A high concentration of amino acid (naturally found in the skin) to help boost cellular vitality, increase NAD+ levels, stimulate skin barrier renewal through transglutaminase 3 enzymatic activity, and assist in maintaining cutaneous water homeostasis.

  • Benefits

    • Well tolerated for daily usage into any AM/PM skincare routine
    • Reduces fine lines (-21%), discoloration (-16%) and visible pores (-13%)
    • Enhances radiance (+15%) and improves acne marks (+16%)
    • Leaves skin hydrated
    • Respects skin’s natural barrier

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Cell Cycle Catalyst

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