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No Stick, No Spin, No Doubt Solution. A PRP alternative.
Consultation is required prior to receiving treatment.

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VITTI-PURE is an alternative to PRP Therapy.  It is called a "No Stick, No Spin, No Doubt" solution since a blood draw is not required and it contains consistent, reliable ingredients.

Over time, the body naturally produces fewer growth factors for repair and rebuilding as represented in the chart (below). This indicates the slowing bio-availability of growth factors as we age which PRP Therapy relies on.

VittiPure Comparison Chart 2

VITTI-PURE provides the highest quality tissue support matrix for joints, tendons, ligaments, as well as cosmetic solutions for the skin. VITTI-PURE utilizes umbilical cord tissue to provide a support matrix abundant in young growth factors that support repair and rejuvenation. The umbilical cord tissue is an excellent source of glycosaminoglycans, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, and glucosamine as well as other naturally occurring biological materials with excellent building blocks like proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, and naturally occurring peptides for structural support and repair.

VITTI-PURE’s superior extracellular matrix (ECM) is minimally manipulated, therefore retaining its advanced growth factor profile of over 1,000 growth factors and 28 types of collagen as well as its complex structural support.

With these components VITTI-PURE creates an optimal product to encourage the rebuilding and repair of injury sites thus optimizing the body’s innate healing potential.


VITTI-PURE is administered in-office.  It can be injected into the skin (in place of dermal fillers) to improve the effects of aging, stimulating collagen production.  It can also be applied topically after certain treatments, like micro-needling, for overall anti-aging benefits.  For best results, a series of 3 treatments is recommended - included in the listed price.


  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Elastins
  • 28 Collagen Types
  • 2 Collagen Subtypes
  • Nanoparticles
  • Proteins
  • Lipids
  • Nucleic Acids


  • Consistent Product Vial to Vial
  • Doctor & Patient Time Efficiency
  • Greater Success by Removing Margin of Error
  • Eliminates Blood Draw

Problem or Condition

Wrinkles, Fine Lines

Skin Type

Aging Skin


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